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LegalGUARD Group Legal Plan

Why do you need legal coverage? According to the American Bar Association, many of us will have the need for the services of an attorney this year. Legal matters can be very stressful without the right help. The LegalGUARD Plan helps protect you, your family and your savings from unexpected legal costs for many of the normal issues you might experience.
LegalGuard, by LegalEASE, has been putting people in touch with quality local attorneys and helping them solve problems since 1971. Their processes are designed to help you save time and make things less stressful - such as helping you find the right type of attorney for your legal matter.


The LegalGUARD Plan gives you the protection you need for the high costs of some legal issues, but also gives you the availability to update your wills and other estate planning documents. It also provides you access to attorneys for a quick consultation for some of the many decisions you may need to make.

Key Benefits:

  • LegalGUARD matches you to the type of attorney you may need in your situation. This step saves you time, money and stress.

  • Your personal LegalGUARD specialist will guide you from your first call until your matter is resolved.

  • LegalGUARD is an affordable, fully insured plan that provides coverage for most of the legal matters you may encounter.

Plan Features:

  • The LegalGUARD attorney network of more than 17,000 credentialed attorneys is the largest in the nation.

  •  The Plan provides coverage for you and your dependents.

  • The Plan also provides coverage for your and your spouse’s elder parents.

  • The Plan is totally portable with no change in rates or benefits.

Examples of Covered Legal Matters*:

 Family Law

  • Divorce

  • Contested Divorce

  • Name Change

  • Uncontested Guardianship

  • Uncontested Conservatorship

  • Uncontested Governmental Adoptions

  •  Uncontested Stepparent Adoptions

  •  Juvenile Court Proceedings

Financial Matters

  • Debt Collection Defense  

  • Bankruptcy (chapter 7 or 13)

  • Foreclosure

  • Tax Audits

Criminal Defense

  • Suspension of Driver’s License

  • Misdemeanor defense

  • DUI

Consumer Matters

  • Consumer Dispute

  • Small Claims Court

  •  Document Preparation:

    •  Simple Deed 

    •  Promissory Note  

    • Dispute Correspondence  

    • Installment Sales Agreement  

    • Simple Affidavit  

    • General Power of Attorney  

    • Lease Agreement – Tenant  

    • Time Share Agreement Only

Estate Planning

  • Will or Codicil

  • Living Will

  • Health Care Power of Attorney

  •  Living Trust Document

  • Probate of Small Estate

Residential Matters

  • Purchase of Primary Residence

  •  Sale of Primary Residence

  • Refinancing of Primary Residence

  • Landlord/Tenant Disputes

*This benefit summary is intended only to highlight benefits and should not be relied upon to fully determine coverage.  More complete descriptions of benefits and the terms under which they are provided are received upon enrolling in the plan. Group legal plans are administered by LegalEASE or The LegalEASE Group, Houston, Texas. Product available in all states. Please contact LegalEASE for complete details. 1-800-248-9000

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